EMI provides a wide range of professional security management and risk mitigation services to support the maritime sector. We are committed to providing lasting solutions that remain responsive to environmental challenges and evolving regional threats.
The company has a wealth of experience in anti-piracy, counter terrorism and maritime security and is able to provide a widerange of specialist maritime security services to assist with the protection of Ports and Port Facilities and compliance with ISPS Code regulations.
Our vulnerability study from both the seaward approaches and land access points enables us to provide professional recommendations to our clients on how to enhance the overall security of their port facilty and maritime territorial borders.
ERAF Marine Industry, Co. is an industry leader in quality assurance, vetting and training of all maritime security operatives. As an ISO certified company, we complies with all legal and regulatory standardsand industry best practice in accordance with International Law and IMO guidelines.
We apply proven principles of security combined with effective intelligence gathering and detailed planning to enable our clients to make informed decisions on security related matters. We provide tailored services to meet every clients needs.

Our Maritime Security Services includes but not limited to:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Asset protection
  • Offshore Security
  • Onshore Terminals and Ports
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Protection by Prevention